SANDY HOOK - One Hell of a STRANGE Event

Sally cox in the closet for four hours. It was a closet in the same room where police set up their command center.

The chalk hill school empty and waiting for the Sandy Hook students to move right in. Very convenient right?

The sealing of records and 911 calls.

Jean Henry (Carvers assistant) showing her husband Adams corps.

The statement that the bodies are in the Kitchen???

The five minute shooting spree. Really???

No EMS allowed into the school. WOW !!!!!!!!

Did the police say "Take the life of Adam" Huh?

Sedensky blames Conspiracy Theorists for sealing records.

First it's Ryan then it's Adam. Make up you mind ok!

They waited to enter the school????? What!!!!!

Adams Devil worship web page?

Nancy never had visitors in the house except for one tech club meeting.

Nancy had some strange auto-immune problem and was hopitalised for a time. She said Doctors had to stop her heart temporarily in a special medical procedure.

Ryan never spook to his bother for the last two years??

There are no pictures of the Lanza family together???

Almost no survivors.

The Batman map with Sandy Hook circled.

Adams Death certificate. Dec 13 2012 ????

Robby Parker laughing in front of the cameras ????

Carver's statement "I hope it doesn't come down on Newtown's head" What did he mean?

The photo-shopped picture of Adam. Creepy as hell!!

The connection with the LIBOR scandal.

Almost every story about Sandy Hook quotes someone that declined to be identified. Hmmmm.

The purple van seen leaving the area. Nuns in masks.

The church bomb threat two days later.

The phony CNN footage of police charging into the school. That footage was later proven to be from another school.

The nuns with something under their coat.

All the police cars parked behind the Fire House around 9:00 am

A patient transfered in a police car???

Gene Rosen. That's a whole other chapter.

No Helicopter ambulance requested???

The police comm was updated four hours prior to the event.

Nancy was a teacher and now shes not??

Adam had his windows covered to make his room dark.

Nancy told Adams sitter not to turn her back on Adam.

Adam had EPISODES. Whatever that means.

Adam always clutched his briefcase close to his chest.

Few people knew Nancy or Adam.

The plan to rebuild the school??? Who would want to attend?

Facebook accounts set up almost immediately and there was a United Way page SET UP THE SAME DAY!

Phony Woman Busted as Fake Witness Sandy Hook and Boston Hoax

This falsifier, purportedly Victoria Munoz, who was in place within the bowels of the lying, fabricating Zionist-controlled media for both of the most recent super-hoaxes, SH and Boston smoke bombing, is a supreme fake who is being paid to spread lies for the same wicked aims as all the fraudsters behind SH and Boston. Post information about her on this post.

Here is proof that the same fraudster acting fake grief, RE: Sandy Hook (note: it’s her, despite seeming differences in the nose during the video viewing):

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